Thursday, March 08, 2007

Raining Light
Acrylic on fiberboard

I haven't really posted much this week. I'm a slug, what can I say? I ran a marathon on sunday, and, just like last year's marathon, I had horrible allergies. D thinks I caught a cold. In any event, I've been feeling like sh*t this week.

D found a photo in a magazine recently of some guy onstage in a pool of light with stuff raining down on him. She wanted me to do a painting of it, (sans guy), and so, here that experiment is. It didn't photograph very well, but I'm somewhat pleased with the end result. I think D is right, this may make a nice larger painting.

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Parapluie said...

The first impression I had, knowing your theater interest, was here is a stage set. Unlike many stage set paintings the rain of falling glitter completes the painting. I would never know you were not feeling well.