Monday, October 22, 2007

Diptych 20"x20"
Acrylic on canvas

Of course it's untitled. Most of my work seems to be untitled. I'm torn when it comes time to name a painting. Should I affect the viewer and their thoughts on what it means to them? Perhaps I read too much into it, and shouldn't think of it again. Don't get me wrong, this isn't something that keeps me up at night, but it is something I struggle with from time to time.

This piece is a complete rework of an earlier piece that I had messed up. Once I began the rework, it was a relatively quick piece... at least it was for me. It's a piece for the upcoming show and it wasn't completely dry when I photographed it. If you click on the photo for a larger photo, you will see a few small milky areas where the gel medium hadn't completely dried.



I see a tiny figure standing out on a ledge toward the bottom in the right one.So for me the title is "Living on the edge"
Nice work, Jeff!

jeff bowser said...

Thanks, Babs! "Living on the Edge"... I like it!

Manuela Valenti said...

Very nice work you have here! This is the one that appeals the most to me, love it!
Great job!!