Monday, November 05, 2007

20" (round)
Mixed media on wood

My second piece in this style, and I feel like I've got a better handle on this one. It's a bit larger than the other piece. Again, I've added some screen I had lying around the studio, for a bit of added texture and depth. I really like the effect it has on the work; not entirely subliminal, yet it's also not in your face. I really like the color scheme on this piece. "Color scheme"? Yikes, that sounds so... underhanded, so covert. How about palette? Yes, let's go with that one. Besides the more prominent green gold in the piece, there is also smattering of light blue that I feel goes nicely with the green. I will further explore this color combination in the future with more conventional shapes. I will bring the blue more to the fore in those pieces.



Jeff you've done a beautiful job with this color scheme;;;ooops pallette!
These colors are among my very favorite, and you've done them justice.
Very interesting, this round format. Good show!

jeff bowser said...

Thank you, Babs!