Monday, February 25, 2008

"Straight 'n Narrow #5"
12" x 30"
Mixed media on unstretched canvas

Another in the "Straight 'n-" series.  As I look at the small photo and I write this, I'm not all together certain I like the composition of this one.  I do think, that within the series, however, that it works better.  If the 4 or 6 pieces in the series were hung together, or just 2 at a time were hung, the composition wouldn't really bother me, but as a stand-alone piece, I'm not sure. I was a bit more aggressive with the texture on this piece.  I've also worked in some waxy areas where there are ghost-like images under other areas with a wash.  I've always been a big fan of getting up close 'n personal with a piece, and seeing what's going on underneath.  I'm especially fond of doing this with Van Gogh's work.  (big fan of his work, I am)  At a Van Gogh exhibit a few years back, I made the security detail nervous by getting very close to the work just to check out Vincent's brushstrokes.  I like being able to see the weave of the canvas in one area, while seeing pigment so thick it looks like it's been put on with shovel, in another.    

On a completely different note, my father recently told me that he's liked my work on the blog, (thanks, Dad) and that he enjoys when I write about the pieces when I post them.  He finds it, "interesting".  A theory of mine is that perhaps Dad is bored out of his tree, and therefore, interested in things that aren't terribly interesting.  (just kidding, Dad)  It is, after all, ridiculously cold by him right now, below zero, with many feet of snow on the ground by him.  With all of that in mind, I will do my best to post more on the pieces, or at least mention a bit about them.  I must confess, sometimes I just get under the gun, and want to post it, and don't have much to say about a particular piece except something like, "Um, here it is!" or, "Well, this didn't quite turned out like I had hoped" etc.  


Parapluie said...

An abstract painting doesn't need alot of verbal explanation. It should stand on its own. Sometimes a hint of subject in a title might help all the dads relate.

jeff bowser said...

You know Diane, that's how I've always felt. Thank you for the validation! I have a hard time naming my pieces... I've got to get better about that.