Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Abstract Landscape With Green"
Acrylic on stretched canvas

Your eyes are not deceiving you.  It really is a new jewel. 

It rained here off and on for the better part of a week.  It's sunny today, but we're expecting rain again tomorrow.  I'm excited.  "You need to get out more."  You may be right, but here in Los Angeles, we don't get much rain, and when we do, it's the lead story on the local news.  Man on the street interviews, some poor slob sitting out in it, showing you what water looks like when it falls from the sky.  For those of you in different parts of the world, you may think I'm joking, I'm not.  I grew up in Wisconsin where, like the Eskimos, we've got different names for the stuff that falls from the sky.  Snow.  Wet Snow, Blowing and Drifting Snow (when it's really cold out and the snow is "dry"), Rain.  Freezing Rain.  Hail.  Sleet.  When you grow up being able to look at a cloudless sky and declare that it "feels like rain" or "it's too still, stay near the house" only to have a tornado warning come an hour later, you miss weather, actual, real, scary, weather.

The sky looked something like this the past week.  I'm hoping tomorrow brings more of the same.  

For all of you suffering from subzero temperatures and up to your eyeballs in snow- I know, I'm an asshole.  


Anonymous said...

What a great sky - and a lovely little jewel. And all that rain - fantastic! We are still too hot here, and on total water restrictions; no watering the garden, washing the car etc. Sigh.

redchair said...

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Pilgrim said...

You forgot dirty snow. Those awful piles along driveways and curbs full of debris that are always the last to melt.
Great painting!

Jeff Bowser said...

Pilgrim, you are SO RIGHT! The snow is beautiful for like, 3 hours, then it gets dingy and gross, and it's time for it to go! Thanks for stopping by.