Monday, August 06, 2007

One Dead Tree
Acrylic on fiberboard

I'm back. Wow. It's been an entire month since I've posted, and I've got to tell you, I'm feeling pretty rusty. It was a trip filled with family, weddings, fishing and friendship. I'm hoping that I will continue to garner some inspiration in the coming weeks from all that I experienced. Today's jewel is based on the many dead trees I saw while up in Canada fishing. The colors evoke the many beautiful sunsets I saw, and the heat of the summer sun reflecting off the lake. We didn't see much in the way of "big ticket" wildlife, meaning, only a few moose, no bear and no wolves, so that was a disappointment. We did, however see many bald eagles, beavers and I even saw a chubby woodchuck affectionately known as Wilma.



About time you got back to work
The magenta against the orange is quite powerful.
Very effective build-up of texture beneath the lower branch.
Lots of interest here!


jeff bowser said...

Thanks, Babs! It's good to be back!