Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Straight 'n Narrow #2"
12" x 30"
Mixed media on unstretched canvas

Another in a series of ??? I think this piece is a bit stronger than the first. I wasn't going to post it today, but the last piece I finished, the "dream" piece is still drying.


Parapluie said...

I like the harmony of the long lines and the tall narrow canvas. Mostly I like how you explore within a limited disciplined direction. Good to see your work in the daily painters format. I am thinking of returning to it soon.

Cath Sheard said...

Yahoo, found my way back to your blog! Yours was one of many links lost when my old pc died. And your new works are just as exciting as I remember them. Have a great '08.

Kim said...

Jeff, these latest ones are quite nice! I really like the colors and the lines are gentle, but direct!

I do think you have a series going.