Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Open Door"
24" x 30"
Mixed media on stretched canvas

This is a piece that I posted earlier, but I hadn't finished.  Now, it's finished.  I didn't do a whole lot more to it.  I worked some more texture in it, (gotta have me more texture) and a bit more work to give it some added depth.

I donated this piece to the Make a Wish Foundation for an art auction  to be held here in Los Angeles, so it's not available for purchase.  I felt the image was appropriate for the foundation.  I'm hoping it fetches some ridiculously large sum for the Make a Wish kids.  


Arco Scheepen said...

Great painting. Love the little bright blue in the bottom right corner...

jeff bowser said...

Thanks, Arco. I appreciate the kind words.

Cath Sheard said...

This is lovely - I can almost *smell* the rusty bits. It has a wonderful texture to it.


I love this work, Jeff!
Great perspective,,,,and the concept of the door is right on for this project.Who knows, what 'magic' lies beyond?

I'm joining you in your wish for a HUGE sale for this organization,
a tremendously worthy cause.
And bravo to you, kind man for the donation!