Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Letting Go"
Mixed media on stretched canvas

"Letting Go" is a kind of a working title for this piece.  Hell, I'm just happy to have finished it.  It seems an eternity since I've completed anything.  I've been faced with letting go of things lately.  We went to D's Uncle's memorial last weekend.  He was the artist.  I've been in my head painting, usually putting in 7-8 hour days at the easel, and not always happy with the results.   "Letting Go" is as much about the work, as it is with circumstances in my life.  

With this piece I've begun to use a new element;  gauze.  The lightbulb went on a few weeks ago while at an art exhibit.  I already use screen, why not gauze? Same idea, but it gives the piece a soft, almost downy quality to the areas where it was left untreated.  Other areas are varnished or painted, (or both) giving it different qualities.  I'm really diggin' on the gauze, and using it in tandem with the screen.  There's some screen in this piece, but most of it was covered up, by the seemingly endless work I did on it.  It's really come a long way from where it once was.  It has photographed more red than it really is, although there is some red in it...

This piece is for the upcoming show in June.  



This is so cool Jeff.Colors of course are right up my alley.
In the past I've used gauze incorporated into the work,,but somewhere along the way forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder,,,I need to do some of this!

jeff bowser said...

Hey, thanks, Babs. I'm glad I could "remind" you. ;-)

Austin Maloney said...

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Arco Scheepen said...

Great piece!