Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Variations #2"
Oil on wood

My blog has sort of come full circle with this piece.  Back on  July 2oth, 2006, my wife used this piece to set up the blog for me.  She surprised me with it.  I'm glad she did.  Since that time my painting has changed a lot.  I've used the small jewels as an opportunity to experiment with techniques, mediums, styles and palettes.  I feel I've grown, (at least I HOPE I have!) and I've really enjoyed myself in the process.  For those of you who have checked in on me, I really appreciate your comments.  It helps to kind of kick my butt a little when I know that people may be looking at the blog.  


Anonymous said...

Variation #2 is still a great piece. I enjoy checking in to see what you have been doing. Say hi to your wife from a Kiwi fan ;-)


Kick Kick

I agree with Cath, who has excellent taste!
The turquoise in the work is a special little treat.

Have you been to Kansas City lately? I haven't been since last January,,(shame on me) but have my ticket for October.

Jeff Bowser said...

Hey Cath! I will say hello to my wife from you, for sure. Thanks for checking in on me! ;-)

Jeff Bowser said...

Babs, D is headed to KC in Sept. and if my schedule allows it, I will go too. We want to catch a Chief's (or "Griefs") game when we're back. It should be beautiful in October when you're there. Trees changing colors and all...