Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mixed media on stretched canvas

Yeah, not entirely sure about this one.  It's quite a departure from the stuff I was doing before and yet, it's related to other stuff on the site.  I've begun to try and incorporate some of my different styles into one piece, and head off in another direction.  


Anonymous said...

Can I be honest? I really like the blue piece in the middle. But I find the shiny rectangle that goes from there to the right-hand edge very distracting. For me it looks like a patch of gel medium where something got removed. Other than that, I think this new direction is well worth pursuing.

Jeff Bowser said...

Thanks for the honesty, Cath. My wife, too, wasn't sold on that very same area of the painting. I just really wanted to step outside the norm and I think I've done that here.


Dang, I love mixed media!
I really enjoy the tension created between the earthtones & the (unexpected) light blue.
Loving this new direction Jeff!

pssst,,,careful, mixed media can be very addictive!

Pam Van Sant said...

I really love this piece, all of it. I am an oil painter as a hobby but I have been trying to experient with mixed media...unsuccessfully. Would you be willing to share with me what product you use to get this texture? I love it! Thanks

Pam Van Sant said...

I really love this piece..all of it. I am an oil painter as a hobby and have been trying to experiment with mixed media, unsuccessfully. Would you mind sharing with me what product you are using to get this texture? Love it! Thanks

Jeff Bowser said...

Hey Pam- I use a variety of products to get these textures. Clear Granular Gel, Glass Bead Gel, Coarse Pumice Gel, and others, all made by Golden. Also, I used gauze mixed with the other elements, then layered it.