Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Untitled Abstract with Blue and Purple
5"x7" acrylic on fiberboard

Good idea, Worm!

My niece suggested I do a piece with blue and purple, and so, on her advice, I did. I'm generally pleased with the result. The piece is, I think, a departure for me in that I didn't use earth tones to offset the cooler colors. I will use this as a study for something larger, down the line, and then, I may incorporate those earth tones. Or maybe I won't.


Nancy Eckels said...

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the comment on my "Urban 7" painting. I like that one too.

Like you, I am experimenting more with color than I normally would. It's a bit intimidating to experiment on a huge canvas, but with these little ones...anything goes....and great fun too.

Worm said...

Wow Unc! I absolutely love this painting. The darker section makes me feel like I am being pulled into the actual picture. The colors are wonderful…and again…I love it!