Monday, March 10, 2008

36" x 36" (diptych)
Mixed media on stretched canvas

I went "crazy with the cheez-whiz" on this one... (Beck fans, anyone?)  Three boxes, screen, lots of texture, and copper leaf.  I feel like I'm finally honing my technique.    


Anonymous said...

Honing your technique? Something is sure happening - these just get better and better. A 5 or 6' piece would be spectacular.

jeff bowser said...

Cath, you're sweet! Thank you! I'd LOVE to rock a big ol' 5 or 6 footer. I've been thinking of doing a triptych about that size for the show. I think you've just confirmed it for me. Thanks!


Lovin this look Jeff!
I am all about those colors,,,and the technique with the 'additives',,,,, superb!

Wanna see that big monster one when finished too!

jeff bowser said...

Thanks, Babs! I'm going to begin the monster soon... it's a bit daunting...