Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"There and Back Again"
17" diameter round
Mixed media on wood

If you've ever been on my blog, or seen any of my other pieces you know I'm a big fan of texture. Many a museum security guard has gotten their hackles up when I approached a Van Gogh, hands safely clasped behind my back, nose inches from the canvas.  I love studying his brushstrokes,  trying to figure out his process.  He is not the only artist I do this for.  I just need to see what's going on under there!  

There's a lot of texture on this piece.  

The name of this piece originates in how the piece came together.  It began as a commissioned piece, long ago.  When I had the custom panel made, I had 4 more made.  There were a few dead ends with this piece, so I began anew with another panel and ultimately used that as the final commissioned piece.  So this piece headed one direction, then another, then another and finally, headed the direction from whence it came.  So it's been, say it with me kids, "there and back again".  



Saying it with you,,,,(smile),,,and haven't we all been there!
This is a wonderful 'save'.

I adore enlarging and seeing (touching) the texture in your work!

jeff bowser said...

Babs! Doggone it, you're too sweet! Thank you, very much.